What is my national number?

On the ‘Your Address’ screen of the verification process, citizens of certain countries are asked to provide their national number, if we don’t specifically ask you about it, then do not worry about this article.

Financial regulations require Monyxa to collect this information to verify your identity. Your data is encrypted on our secure servers in the UK.

The national number must be valid and relate to your country of citizenship (which may not be the same as the country you live in). Please see the characteristics of each country’s national number below:

Country National number Structure Where to find it?
Estonia Personal Code


11 digits

Example: 47302200234


National ID

Driving Licence

Spain Tax Identification Number

(Número de identificación fiscaI)

8 digits + 1 letter

Example: 99111222M

Non-resident Spaniards without a National Identity Card:

1 letter + 7 digits + 1 letter

Example: L9999999L

National Identity Card

Driving Licence

Social Security Card

Iceland Personal Code


10 digits

Example: 1212121239


National ID

Driving Licence

Malta Personal Identification Number 7 digits + 1 letter

Example: 0000999L

National ID
Poland National Identification Number


11 digits

Example: 26083006995

Birth Certificate

National ID

Driving Licence

Italy Fiscal code

(Codice fiscale)

6 letters + 10 letters and/or digits

Example: RSS-MRO-62B25-E205-Y

National Health Service Card