beware of fraud!

Identity Theft

Protect yourself against ID theft

  • Destroy any piece of paper that contains your login and password to your account for MT5 or Monyxa’s Traders room.
  • Never share your personal information with a stranger or any third party
  • Update your records whenever you change your contact numbers, address or email ID


Don’t fall for this phone call ruse

  • Fraudsters call you, posing as Monyxa employees
  • Never share any personal or sensitive information over a call
  • If in doubt, call the Monyxa’s phone number +44 800 102 6176 or contact us via email or support
  • Never deposit any money outside our website, as we will likely never receive it and won’t be able to credit it into your account.
  • Never send any wire transfer to a different company then Monyxa Ltd.
  • Never send any cryptocurrencies to a wallet received visa email or telephone other than [email protected]


Avoid this SMS-based scam

  • Never share your personal or financial information via SMS
  • Do not follow instructions that you receive in an SMS from an untrusted source
  • If you receive any urgent communication asking for personal information, call and confirm with Monyxa