Do I need to pass verification to order the card or IBAN?

As a fully AML/CTF compliant company, we are required to conduct checks to ensure that transactions are not linked to illegal activities, that’s why we ask you to verify your account before ordering the card.

You can pass the verification in the profile section of your account, or do it right when ordering a card/IBAN, both work fine!

Note: If you have passed the verification for increasing limits in the app using your ID card, you might need to pass an additional verification with your international passport to get a card or IBAN. 

It depends on your country. EU Nationals are accepted with ID card without additional KYC. 

All other countries clients need to submit international passport for verification.

Once you create a card order, select the payment method and fill in the shipping address, the system will prompt you to the verification page. 


If you want to get your IBAN, select IBAN in your wallets and click Action needed button.


Tap on the Verify your identity button to proceed with the verification. 

Select the document you will use for verification. This can be an international passport or ID card.


Once you upload your ID document to the system, we will ask you to take a selfie.

As soon as you do it, wait for 60 seconds or so and you are done!

The card will be sent to you in several days, thus you can just wait for the tracking number by email.

IBAN opens just after successful verification.

If you got the status In Progress that means you didn’t finish the KYC verification and should start the entire process from the beginning as described above.


If your verification was rejected 4 times in a row the next verification will be locked for your account.