How can I turn on predictions?

Please open the app and make sure that you are in the Market section.


Tap on the Predictions tab located in the upper part of the screen.


You will see a list of all available cryptocurrencies along with the predictions regarding the price growth/reduction in the next 24 hours made by our AI. 

We provide free predictions for 5 different cryptos: ZRX, OMG, ETH, LINK, and MKR. Tap on one of them to see the prediction details.


If you want to check a prediction for some/all of the locked crypto, tap on the crypto of your interest, and you will see the Unlock button.


Click on it to see 2 available packages: Daily and Monthly subscriptions.

Once you have chosen the subscription type (daily/monthly), tap on the Unlock option.


Select the payment method by clicking on the From field and selecting the crypto for transaction processing.


The system will provide you with an amount to pay for the predictions plan. If you agree with the converted amount, confirm the action by tapping on Pay …


The transaction is processed immediately.