How to filter predictions?

Open the app and make sure that you are in the Market section.


Tap on the Predictions tab located in the upper part of the screen.


You will see a list of all available cryptocurrencies along with the predictions regarding the price growth/reduction in the next 24 hours made by our AI. 

Above the list of crypto, you can see three of the most comment filters: Prediction accuracyStrenght, and Profit/24h. Tap on any of them to activate it. 

By default, it sorts with the descending order: from the highest to lowest (for buy orders)/ lowest to highest (for sell orders).


If you tap on the filter once more, it will change the order to the ascending one: from the lowest to highest (for buy orders)/ highest to lowest (for sell orders).


To clear the filter, tap on it once more.

In case you opt for advanced filtering, you must click on the filtering icon on the left side of the bar:


There you can select any combination of advanced filters, such as strength percentage for buy/sell order, prediction status (good time to trade/ prediction is worked out), and supported coins in the app. Tap on the filters to create a unique combination:


Apart from the filters mentioned above, you can opt for a Winning strategy filter combination. Just tap on the icon to activate the filtering criteria. This strategy is based on the strong predictions for both, buy and sell orders, and selects the prediction status Good to trade.


Similar filtering criteria are applied when choosing Buy from BTCSell from BTC. The only difference is the type of order (buying or selling).


To clear filters, please tap on the Clear button in the upper left corner.