How to use predictions?

Open the app and make sure that you are in the Market section.


Tap on the Predictions tab located in the upper part of the screen.


You will see a list of all available cryptocurrencies along with the predictions regarding the price growth/reduction in the next 24 hours made by our AI. We provide free predictions for 5 different cryptos: ZRX, OMG, ETH, LINK, and MKR, and more than 150+ crypto predictions on the paid subscription

Tap on any crypto to see the prediction details.


If this crypto is supported in the app, you will see an option to BuySell your crypto right from the predictions page. In case it’s possible to exchange some of your cryptos to the desired one, you will see an Exchange button. 


If the crypto is not supported, you will be able to assist the prediction details only.

One of the advantages of Сrypterium predictions service is filtering crypto per different criteria to follow your investment pattern.

From our side, we can suggest the following parameters for your investments: 

  1. The prediction strength must be equal to or higher than 40%.
  2. The Prediction accuracy must be at least 60% (it has been experimentally established that the optimal Prediction Rate is 66% -76% and we chose them in the first place).
  3. Using predicts for both directions — bullish & bearish (buy/sell orders).
  4. Entering the trade. Deviation from Initial Price is no more than 1% in both directions. Even if the entry point is better, but more than 1%, we suggest not to enter.
  5. Trade opening time — from 00:30 GMT to 04:00 GMT.
  6. Order execution at market price.
  7. We do not suggest you entering low-value coins (100–200 satoshi), except for the situation when there are no other deals. We suggest never enter coins below 100 satoshis.
  8. The trade volume. 10% of the deposit using compound interest.
  9. We suggest opening strictly no more than 4 trades per day.
  10. We hold no more than 7 trades at a time.
  11. We close the trade when the take-profit reaches 10% from the entry point, or the stop-loss is at the level of 10%.
  12. If the coin has not reached the take-profit and stop-loss, we suggest looking at the direction of the new day prediction. If the prediction remains in the same direction as yesterday, then you might continue to hold the trade unchanged. If the prediction has changed its direction, then you may close the trade by the market price.

Note: The information mentioned above cannot be considered as investment advice or a guarantee of future profit.

Our AI a registered investment, legal or tax advisor, or broker/ dealer. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future return.

Thus, please evaluate the situation before proceeding with the investment.