How to verify my account?

Once you create an account, you already can proceed with the verification!

To do so, please open your wallet and go to the Profile section.

There, please tap on the Increase limits button.


After you do so, you will see the three levels of verification, available for different turnover limits. The first stage of 150 EUR can be achieved by fulfilling your personal information: first and last name and the country of residence. 

Note: The information you are entering, must match your ID:

  • Every symbol should be the same as it’s indicated in your document. Try to avoid using  non-Latin local symbols
  • You should enter all parts of your first and last name in the same order as it’s specified in your document
  • First and last name should be mixed. Please enter them the same way they are separated in your document
  • Do not add yor middle name if you have it unless it’s specified as a part of your first or last names in your document. “Given name” is always your first and middle name. If you have a middle name but it doesn’t appear on your document don’t put it on the forms. If it appears on your document separately as a middle name don’t put it on the forms either. 
  • Do not enter commonly used variations of your name or pseudonyms if you have any.

To start this stage, please tap on the Start verification button.


To increase the turnover limit for your account, you need to verify your ID. Please, scroll the menu to see the second verification stage and tap on the Start verification button. During the procedure, we will need your selfie and a photo of your ID document. 


Continue the process by clicking on Start verification.

After you make a selfie, the system will let you select the type of identification document. 


Once you take a photo of your ID, your request will be handled by our partner. As soon as they complete the verification, you will get an email!

If you would like to keep increasing your limits, you can opt for the third, and the last, verification stage, providing us with your residence document.