What documents can confirm the origin of my funds on deposit?

We might ask you to provide documents that will confirm your past business activity or your personal situation, enabling us to understand the sources of wealth of your deposited funds. We need this in order to fulfil our regulatory obligations.

Providing the necessary documents will not affect your account in any way other than preserving all of its functionality. All provided documents are strictly confidential, handled appropriately, and used only to fulfill our regulatory obligations.

Examples of documents clarifying fiat related sources:

  • Deposit
    Salary payslip, wage slip, contract of employment, invoices issued by sole proprietary services of the client, tax statements showing reported incomes from employment, bank statements where regular inflow from such sources is clearly visible.
  • Savings
    For example, funds originating form insurance pay-outs, pensions, allowances etc. Please include documents supporting the claim, such as salary payslips, pension slips, etc.
  • Dividends
    Dividend pay-out agreement or a tax statement showing income that originates from dividends.
  • Inheritance
    Any relevant inheritance documentation clearly showing what was inherited and by whom (precious metals, money, art, etc.).
  • Gift
    Gift agreement of any sort (could be official and notarized or hand-written), clearly showing information of the gift giver.
  • Real estate
    Either a sale of property document or a property lease agreement (if client is renting out the property and is receiving rent) with included bank statements, showing the incoming transaction from the property sale/rent.
  • Loan
    A loan agreement with a bank, other corporations or individuals, clearly showing information of the lender and borrower and amount of funds loaned, along with a bank statement showing income from the loan, if the lender is not a bank.
  • Investment proceeds
    A sale of shares agreement, investment portfolios, etc.
  • Mining
    Mining equipment purchase receipts and documentation showing mining dashboard info, pay out addresses, trades of mined crypto assets to fiat, and transfer of fiat funds from mined crypto assets to your bank account.

Examples of documents clarifying crypto-related sources:

  • Email confirmations of any sort
    Include fiat and crypto deposits and withdrawals, login info, etc. showing the client has or had a registered account on other exchanges or wallets from where the crypto transactions to Bitstamp were made.
  • Receipts and credit card statements
    Any bank transactions showing outgoing funds.
  • Screenshots
    Showing personal identifiable information on any wallets or exchanges, apps, messages, etc.
  • Hand-written agreements
    For example, gifts, loans, etc., with personal information visible and signed by all parties.
  • Work contracts
    Can include annexes or additional clauses clearly showing salary is paid out in crypto to a specific destination address.
  • Invoices
    For example, for services paid in crypto.
  • Signed messages for wallets
    Either for wallets that have been used in the past or the ones still in use.
  • Public announcements
    Publicly accessible information about client receiving crypto awards in, for example, prize competitions or raffles.
  • User confirmation statement from other exchanges
  • Blockchain monitoring tool
    For example, a Chainalysis report about relevant transactions.