What documents do I need to pass KYC?

Depending on the verification stage you are passing, you might need your ID and a document of residence.

To verify your identity, you may upload to the platform an international passport or your national ID.
If you want to use IBAN or the card for some countries an international passport is only acceptable. More info about documents for the card and IBANs here. Canadian and U.S. residents may also upload driving license to pass KYC.

We do not accept any copies of mentioned documents, so you must take a photo of the original one only.

Note: Document and photo requirements:

  • The document has your first and last name written in Latin characters.
  • The document has a validity of at least another 3 months before the expiration date.
  • The photo of your document is bright and clear, with no highlights or stains.
  • The text in the document in the photo is easy to read.
  • There are no foreign objects lying on the document.
  • The passport is without a cover.
  • If you use a driving license, you need photos of its both sides.

If you would like to proceed with the complete verification process, you will need to provide us with proof of residence apart from your ID. It can be one of the following documents:

  • Utility bills: bills from energy companies older than 3 months old may not be uploaded as proof of residence).

— Gas bill;

— Electricity bill;

— Water bill;

— Cable company bill (but not from satellite TV companies);

— Landline telephone bill (but not for mobile services such a mobile phone etc.).

  • Bank / Mortgage statement: the bank statement may not be older than 3 months. Your bank balance and transaction details may be blacked out. However, please ensure that the following information is clearly legible:

— First name;

— Surname;

— Address;

— Account number;

— Issue date.

  • Correspondence from a government authority: such correspondence must meet the following requirements:

— The document must have been issued by the government authority;

— It must have been issued within the last 3 months;

— It must include your first name, surname, and current home address.

The requirements for the photo quality of your proof of residence are the same: bright and clear photo with no highlights or stains.