How to activate a plastic card?

When you receive your plastic card, you need to activate it before using it. This procedure involves 2 steps: app card activation and ATM activation.

To activate your card in the app, please open the Card section and find the card in question. There you will find an Activate my card option as shown below:


Tap on the button and provide the app with the full card number. This will let our card provider know that your card has been successfully registered.


After that, please set up a secret phrase that will serve you as a password for your online purchase authorization. 


Last but not least is the creation of a PIN code for your card. You will be asked to do so right away:


When activating your card, you will notice that there is a 1 EUR balance on it. We have credited this value to your account to help you with the ATM activation. 


Tap on the Show near ATMs if you are not sure where you can make the last step.

Please, find an ATM machine, insert the card there and request the balance statement. Once you do that, your card will be fully ready for day-by-day usage!