How to cash out my funds?

Make sure you are on the main Dashboard view.


Tap on the Cash out icon in the upper right corner.


You will see 2 options there: To card and To bank account. Please, select the To cardoption.


The upper part of the Cash out tab has 2 fields that can be modified: From and To. There, you need to select the cryptocurrency which you would like to convert to fiat money and the card, where you want to credit it.


To proceed with the withdrawal, please tap on the From field and select the crypto of interest. The system will show you the amount of crypto you have, so you can easily see, what amount of crypto can be exchanged. 


Click on the To field and fill in the card data to define the withdrawal destination account.


As soon as you have introduced the value and the card data, the platform will block the transaction and give you a few seconds to check its details. If everything is fine, please confirm the withdrawal by pressing the Get … button. 


Normally, the transaction is performed immediately. In some cases, it might take up to 30 minutes for the system to successfully handle it. Once the status of the withdrawal is changed to Success, it means that your funds have been sent to your bank.