How to change my name/surname?

To change your name or surname, you need to go through the verification process first.

Once you pass the verification, please provide us with the following documents via [email protected]:

1. Photo of the document on the basis of which the name or surname is changed (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, certificate of civil partnership)

2. Selfie with a document and a piece of paper with the current date, customer’s signature, and a statement that he wants to change/link his Name and Surname associated with his account. Photos must meet our quality requirements.

What is important to consider when photographing:

  • All corners of the document must be visible in the photo.
  • The text in the document must be easy to read.
  • Make sure there are no glares or smudges in the photo.
  • Low-quality images are not accepted by the system.
  • We do not accept documents corrected by graphic editors.

Note that in case you need some minor improvements/corrections (such as adding capital letters to your name/surname), you can reach out to the support team with a relevant request without providing the required documents.