How to open a savings account?

To make a deposit, please open the app and proceed to the Market section. 


You will see three tabs in the upper part of the screen: QuotesPredictions, and Savingsaccounts. Tap on the last one to open the Savings menu.


Check the yellow banner located on the top of the assets list. Tap Show to start modeling your first deposit. After that, confirm the action by pressing the Start earning button to proceed to the saving editor mode.


On the opened screen you have to select the asset of your interest first. The rate for a chosen asset may vary depending on the chosen cryptocurrency/token and the duration of the deposit.


After selecting the asset and saving period, proceed to the amount line. Click on the asset abbreviation to open the quantity menu. 


You can insert the saving amount manually or tap on the All option to invest all the available amounts of funds.


Before opening the saving, please verify all the saving details: 

  • the amount of the deposit, 
  • expected profit, 
  • expiry date of your saving. 

If you agree with all the provided conditions, confirm it by pressing EARN …. :


You will be prompted to read and accept the Terms of Savings policy and confirm that you acknowledge that closing your deposit prior to its maturity date will lead to lack of any profit (only the investment is returned).


The last step is to tap on the Open Saving account button to finalize the deposit opening.