How to send funds to the phone balance?

Open the app and proceed to the Dashboard section.


There, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find the Mobile Top-Ups button. Tap on it to proceed to the next step.


The upper part of the Mobile Top-Ups tab has 2 fields that can be modified: From and To. You need to select the cryptocurrency you would like to spend. 


In the From field, you need to select the cryptocurrency that is to be transferred to the phone balance. Tap on the field to check the list of available crypto wallets along with their balances:


Once you select the source crypto, pass to the To field. There you need to fill in the destination phone number. The system will prompt you to allow access to your contact list to facilitate the recipient selection. You can allow that, or opt for a manual phone filling.

You can also fill in your phone number, linked to the app simply by tapping on it.


Once you have introduced the phone number, the app will show you the expected amount to be credited in EUR along with the applied commission. To learn more about Commission and fees, please refer to the Help Center article.


If you agree with the provided conditions, please press the Top up with …. EUR


The transaction is performed instantly.


Congratulations! You have successfully charged a phone balance!