How to top up the card?


You will find all your cards, plastic and virtual ones. Select the card of your interest and tap on the Load button as shown below:


You will be able to select the funds’ source: tap on the From field and scroll the list down to see all the available assets.

The To field will be automatically set up according to the card that you have chosen in the previous stages.


Fill in the amount of the load. You can type in the crypto amount or/and fill in the desired EUR equivalent and the system will adjust the values accordingly.


The commission for the card load is 2% for both, plastic and virtual cards, and is charged in the crypto of the source. To learn more about the applied commissions, please check Commission and fees article.

If you are agreed with the conditions and calculations, provided in your app, confirm the load by pressing the Load… button. Then, please confirm the transaction once more.


Congratulations! You have successfully loaded your VISA card!