How can I exchange crypto to fiat / fiat to crypto?

To make an exchange, please open the wallet and make sure to stay on the Dashboardview:


Tap on the Exchange icon located in the upper part of the screen to access the Exchangemenu.


The upper part of the Exchange tab has 2 fields that can be modified: From and To. There, you need to select the cryptocurrency which you would like to convert to fiat (or vice versa). 


To change the cryptocurrency/fiat option in any of them, tap on the field and scroll up and down the list until you see the option of your interest. Tap on the crypto name or on the IBAN option and your choice will be saved. Note that the system will show you the amount of crypto or EUR you have, so you can easily see, what amount of crypto can be exchanged.


Once you have selected the desired crypto for exchange operation, you need to introduce the exchange volume. To do that, please tap on the zero next to the crypto name and insert the needed value.

 As soon as you have introduced the value, the platform will block the current price for crypto and give you a few seconds to check the details of the deal and confirm the exchange by pressing the Exchange button. The transaction will be performed immediately.


Congratulations! You have successfully exchanged your crypto!