How to deposit funds with a bank transfer?

First, please launch the wallet make sure you are in the Dashboard section.


Once you are there, tap on the Top up button in the upper left corner:


The system will open you a deposit menu with 3 options: Buy CryptoCrypto wallets, and Bank account. Please, select the Bank account to proceed with the bank account deposit.


Click on Show details to see account information. 


There you will find the account holder’s name, IBAN number, BIC code, and Beneficiary bank name. Tap on Share to copy the IBAN number to the clipboard.


Introduce the IBAN number to your bank, or select wire transfer in your mobile bank to send funds to your IBAN account.

Normally the transaction is reflected in the app within 1 working day, but in some cases, it might take up to 5 working days.