How to send crypto by wallet?

To start the process, open the wallet and make sure you are in the Dashboard section.


Once you are there, tap on the Send button in the upper left corner:


The system will open you a deposit menu with 2 options: By phone number and By wallet. Please, select By wallet to proceed with the crypto transfer.


The upper part of the Transfer by wallet tab has 2 fields that can be modified: From and To. You need to select the cryptocurrency you would like to send to another wallet. 


In the From field, you need to select the cryptocurrency that is to be transferred to another wallet. Tap on the field to check the list of available crypto wallets along with their balances:


Once you select the source crypto, pass to the To field. There you need to fill in the destination crypto wallet address. Please verify that you are referring to the correct address option when copying the address. Make sure that you have introduced the whole crypto wallet address.

Apart from that, please verify that you are sending your tokens to the correct blockchain standard.


Instead of copying the address, you can also opt for the QR-code scanning option. 


Tap on the amount option to insert the crypto transaction volume.


If sending your crypto to another account on our platform, these transactions will be performed off-chain, and no fee will be charged.


However, if sending crypto to an external wallet, the commission of the blockchain will be shown right after the amount option.


If everything is set according to your wish, tap on the Transfer… button.

You will need to confirm the transaction once more on the next step. Please remember that the processing time depends on the blockchain.


Congratulations! Your crypto has been sent! 🚀