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account types

with our 4 types of trading accounts you will find the complete flexibility to trade at the level you want depending  on your initial investment amount

please note that we offer SWAP-free islamic version of all types of accounts below!

basic account

 minimum deposit $250
 max leverage up to 1:500
 commission $20 / lot
 bonus up to 20%

premium account

 minimum deposit $5.000
 max leverage up to 1:500
 commission $15 / lot
 bonus up to 30%

executive account

 minimum deposit $25.000 
 max leverage up to 1:500
 commission $10 / lot
 bonus up to 50%

ultimate account

 minimum deposit $100.000 
 max leverage up to 1:500
 ZERO commissions on everything
 bonus up to 100%

ready to start?

if you still have any questions about how it works, please feel free to contact us through the form below


click here and fill out the form, choose your preferred account type and you are ready to deposit funds and start trading. please note that your account type might be changed according your initial deposit  amount 

of course, the size of your initial deposit determines which tier your account belongs to, as well as which benefits are available to you. you can shift your account to the next level by increasing your deposit amount!

Your bonus will be assigned to your account after verification. please speak to your account manager and he will activate the bonus for you. to read more about the bonuses and our policy please visit our bonus page!

our accounts were specially designed to give great advantages for all the traders based on the size of investment. the bigger the investment the better bonuses, lower spreads and commissions

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