we are opening 
global markets 
to everyone

monyxa is a promising fin-tech company bringing transparency and efficiency to everyday trading and managing funds. few years ago, we embarked on a non-stop journey to make online trading as easy and as profitable as possible. we aim to bridge the gap between the stock markets and everyday user, because we think that everyone should have the opportunity to invest and trade on global financial markets. 

who are we?

monyxa is a fintech company making everyday trading as easy and accessible for everyone as possible. our solutions help customers worldwide make profits, manage funds and invest in very smooth, fair, and reliable ways.

our goals


one of monyxa’s main goals is to remove barriers and make online trading and investing more accessible to the everyday user. 


whether by introducing new and exciting ways copy and social trade, or risk-free fund management agreements, we will always try to find new ways


our platform is intuitive and user-friendly, turning even the most complicated actions, like stock trading, to a simple and interactive experience.


openness and transparency are a main part of the user experience at monyxa. we don’t charge any hidden fees and make sure our prices are clear and visible


the constant striving for perfection, guides monyxa to deliver the best possible experience for all of our users. we wish to make sure that he feels our attention to even the smallest details at all times.

our leaders get us to our goals

our leadership team brings years of experience in trading stock markets, cryptocurrencies and marketing

kivashan naidoo

general manager of South African branch office

sean robin

chief of monyxa academy

oksana volynets

general manager for UK & EU office


talented individuals working with us