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welcome to Monyxa, your number one source for trading online. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of platform, with a focus on providing the best experience, customer service, easy to use platform!
Founded in 2020, but with 8 years of experience in the trading, we have come a long way. We’ve had the drive to turn hard work and inspiration into to a booming online trading platform! We now serve customers all over world, and are thrilled to be a part of the online trading industry and as well we are innovating it by adding new features such as accepting cryptocurrencies and also allowing withdrawals in cryptocurrencies, which makes as first and only platform so far doing so!


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one of monyxa’s main goals is to remove barriers and make online trading and investing more accessible to the everyday user. Whenever people join Monyxa, we aim to make them feel a part of  the platform from the very beginning. Moreover, we realize that many people use multiple platforms to manage their capital online, which is why we are constantly expanding our product offering to eventually include all of your financial needs under one roof


whether by introducing new and exciting ways to trade and invest online or by inventing cutting-edge trading platform. You don’t have to trade solely on your computer. You can also use our state of the art web trader and other phone apps. We are trying to make trading for you more accessible whether you are at home, or stuck in a traffic jam. We are also adding new features that have been never heard of before in this industry. We accept crypto payments and we can also let you withdraw in crypto

be enjoyable

our platform is intuitive and user-friendly, turning even the most complicated actions, like stock trading, to a simple and interactive experience.


openness and transparency are an integral part of the user experience on Monyxa. Whether it’s the ability to start a chat with us, our CEO included, or the fact that we don’t charge any hidden fees and make sure our prices are clear and visible, we strive to make sure that our users feel that they have all the information they need to handle their finances with us.


a meticulous thought process behind every decision and a constant striving for perfection, guides Monyxa to deliver the best possible experience for all of our users. From the moment a person is exposed to our logo, we wish to make sure that he feels our attention to even the minutest details at all times.



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    Monyxa Ltd (UK), located at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, registered by Companies House under number 12822563 is a fund management, security and commodity dealer and financial market administrator in the UK.


    Monyxa DMCC (UAE) located at Fortune Tower, Office 2106, Cluster C, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE registered under number DMCC-792010 is a marketing company and call center provider for the Monyxa Ltd, for the Middle East.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: CFD’s are very complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money due to leverage. It’s been proven that nearly 80% of all investors loose money when trading the CFD’s. You should wisely consider your understanding of CFDs and how they work and if you are willing to take the high risk of losing your funds. Please consider seeking a professional advice from an independent and licensed financial advisor to ensure that you have the relevant experience, knowledge and the risk taking appetite that suits you for trading. Monyxa shall have any liability under no circumstances to any person or entity for any kind of loss or damage resulting from, caused by or related to any CFD’s or any other trading transactions done at our platform. Most importantly, do not invest the capital that you cannot afford to loose. There are risks associated with on-line trading systems including, but not limited to, software and hardware failure, and Internet disconnection. Monyxa shall not be responsible under any circumstances  for communication failures, distortions or delays when trading via the Internet.

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