stock market

the stock market is dynamic and presents many options for traders. stocks are usually considered suitable for medium to long-term investments. each stock is affected by different market events and could go up or down in value following announcements such as earnings reports, new product launches, and changes in competitors’ stock prices.

how to trade CFD shares

the CFD market was developed in the early 90s, mainly to attract exchange speculators with a small capital to shares trading.

Initially, it was impossible to trade stocks without registration of ownership of the given asset. over time, to make this market more accessible, contracts for difference were introduced for trading financial instruments, basic goods, and other various exchange instruments.

trading CFD on shares allows traders to place both long and short positions to benefit from a price rise or fall respectively. securities reflect corporate actions, so traders are entitled to dividend payments when going long, and incur dividend charges when going short.

online trading is one of the most popular methods of investment. monyxa offers shares trading as CFD on the world’s most valuable companies such as Apple, Amazon, or Tesla

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