Multi-Crypto Wallet

Monyxa is a powerful, all-in-one multi-coin wallet, compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. Boasting matchlessly generous functionality, this nifty app allows you to buy, trade, store, cashout, spend, send, and invest your cyber holdings from a single dashboard

Supported Coins

Monyxa supports 19 most popular cryptocurrencies, including top-performing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple as well as emerging coins like Augur, Tether, Dai to name a few out of too many

Currency $ Price 24h % Change T. Supply Market cap. C. Supply
Bitcoin btc $ 23232.00 47.36 21M 444.1B 19.1M
Ethereum eth $ 1709.46 -2.5192823858144 120M 205.2B 120M
Tether usdt $ 1.00 -0.00059342184060229 65.9B 66B 65.9B
USD Coin usdc $ 1.00 -0.00020176232775282 54.3B 54.3B 54.3B
BNB bnb $ 322.63 2.21 163.3M 52.7B 163.3M
XRP xrp $ 0.38 0.0005093 100B 18.2B 48.3B
Binance USD busd $ 1.00 -0.00057852298832017 17.9B 17.9B 17.9B



Cash Out



Easiest and fastest way to buy crypto

Send money anywhere for free

Cashout crypto anytime, instantly

Crypto exchange you can trust

Spend crypto worldwide

Buy cryptocurrency online with USD through Monyxa App. Learn about the wallet’s fees on fiat-to-crypto purchases, available coins, and how Crypterium manages to offer the best rates on crypto trading.

The system dynamically monitors crypto prices across leading online exchanges allowing you to compare and choose the best rate for your transactions. Purchasing crypto with Monyxa is always a fair and transparent.

The tokens appear on your wallet balance the moment you complete the purchase transaction, without making you wait for even a minute

To a phone number or a wallet address? There’s no need to know the recipient’s bank account or personal details. All you need is their mobile number or wallet address for instant transfers of any amount.

Send crypto as a gift. Innovative, convenient, and ever-increasing in price, cryptocurrencies make an ideal present for your loved ones! Send crypto as a gift to your family, friends, or business partners from Monyxa wallet, without paying any transactional commissions. And now imagine what happens if your dear person decides to hold onto their tokens for a while? It can end up with thanking you for such a smart gift!

Whenever you need extra cash, use Monyxa to send crypto straight to your Mastercard and Visa in seconds. Lowest fees are guaranteed

Fastest way to cashout crypto. Access your money in seconds by cashing-out your cryptocurrencies to euros to any of your cards. Instant delivery is guaranteed

We include the small amount of fee to help you cashout crypto instantly. No restrictions and limits on your next crypto withdrawal. Try now!


Our wallet allows you to exchange your digital holdings for fiat or other cryptos, without worrying that you overpay for mediation. Monyxa integrates with the world’s TOP 10 cryptocurrency exchanges to let you pick the best rate for your transaction

The Monyxa wallet is equipped with a proprietary bid-ask matching engine, powered by Artificial Intelligence. The system unceasingly monitors exchange rates for 200 crypto pairs

Along with offering moderate rates on cryptocurrencies, Monyxa charges small commissions on transactions with electronic funds. Purchase crypto, cash it out to your bank card, top-up your mobile phone – no matter how you use your digital holdings

Put your crypto into VISA and spend digital funds as easily as you do with your fiat. Pay for goods and services with Bitcoin or any other coin of your choice. Effortlessly. Globally. Limitlessly. Monyxa Visa Card linked to your Monyxa wallet is your seamless way to bring virtual money to the real world!

Shop around the world. The card is connected with your Monyxa account. Once you pay with your cryptocurrency card, virtual assets from your wallet balance get automatically converted to fiat and go to the merchant’s bank account. The merchant may never guess you used digital tokens as a payment. The transaction is absolutely valid. As it must be.

170 Countries served

The Monyxa Wallet is intended to serve as many countries as possible. However, some jurisdictions are still not supported

Check restricted countries list

We take care of our quality

We always provide our best quality for users

Clients entrust their digital assets

Monyxa partnered up with Crypterium is a licensed, fully regulated financial institution in the European Union. Your account is protected by a 3-layer security, anti-fraud protocol and insured by BitGo!